6+ Bedroom Villas in Thailand

Fully staffed 6-bedroom home rentals in Thailand for a large extended family, 6 individual couples, a small wedding party, or friends, who want to stay together under one roof. These villas can accommodate between 12 and 15 guests. Shared lounge and dining areas where the entire group can relax together, and socialize in comfort, luxury, and complete privacy. Perfect for a big family event or a family or friend’s reunion!

View the summary of each of these beautiful 4 bedroom home rentals in the list below. Click the picture for more details, pictures and rates.

Villa Willow Land — Luxury villa for rent in Bang Tao Beach
2 BR, Bang Tao Beach
Welcome to a luxurious tropical getaway in Phuket, Thailand. Willow Land is an exquisite 2-bedroom villa for rent located in a 1...
Anong House — Luxury villa for rent in Mae Nam
3 BR, Mae Nam
Redefine modern luxury living in your own private villa at Koh Samui in Thailand. Anong House is a small 3-bedroom luxury villa...
Coral Tides — Luxury villa for rent in Mae Nam
8 BR, Mae Nam
Let the ocean waves wash your feet as you spend lazy days relaxing in your own private villa. Coral Tides is an 8-bedroom luxury...
Blue Heaven — Luxury villa for rent in Nathon Town
6 BR, Nathon Town
A private villa for rent at Koh Samui in Thailand! Spend the next few days in complete luxury at your own private house in the...
Sea Turtle Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Taling Ngam
5 BR, Taling Ngam
Spend a pristine vacation at Koh Samui, Thailand in complete luxury. Sea Turtle is a stunning 5-bedroom villa for rent in a...
Bay View Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Choeng Thale
5 BR, Choeng Thale
An award-winning private estate, Bay View Villa is a 5-bedroom tropical paradise located in a small private bay in Layan beach,...
Lawan Cottage — Luxury villa for rent in Choeng Thale
4 BR, Choeng Thale
Overlooking a secluded bay in northwestern Phuket, Lawan Cottage is the most exclusive and private property you can find in the...
Villa Paradiso — Luxury villa for rent in Choeng Thale
7 BR, Choeng Thale
Phuket, Thailand has some of the best private villas in all of Asia. This one is like the Rolls Royce of them all. Villa Paradiso...
Villa Christina — Luxury villa for rent in Choeng Thale
3 BR, Choeng Thale
Christina is a stunning 3-bedroom villa for rent in northwestern Phuket, Thailand. You will get everything here, complete privacy...

General FAQ

⛱ Which beach in Thailand is most beautiful?

Gibbs Beach is a strong contender for the west coast's most beautiful beach.

🎈 Where should we stay in Thailand?

The west coast of Thailand is fringed by the calm Caribbean, so is ideal for relaxing.

🍎 What is the best month to go to Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is between July and November. This time around 30 degrees every day.

🔥 What are the top places to see in ?

Visit the Thailand Museum & Historical Society, Wildlife Reserve, Grenade Hall Signal Station, and Forest.

❓ What are the top attractions to visit in Thailand?

Let's explore the best attractions in Thailand: Shark hole, Carlisle Bay, Pamir, Enterprise (Miami) Beach, Oistin's Friday Night Fish Fry.

📌 What is a luxury villa?

Luxury villas are luxury houses of the elite and rich people usually built as a second home. A luxury villa will not be complete without the dedicated staff to serve its tenants and guests.

💎 Is booking through TaiVilla safe?

Villa is as safe to use as any other booking website that allows you to book a stay at someone's dwelling. In fact, it is perhaps safer than other websites due to we have only limited, hand-picked and verified villas in our catalog with 100% owner verification data.

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